Modern Hive Gift Guide // Besties & Beasties Edition

Giving Tuesday 🎁. These gifts give to a friend, as well as a non profit that helps people or the environment.

All gifts have been Modern Hive tested by our family (and not sponsored, we bought them last year), and we are in love because these gifts:

  1. Give back to people and communities in need and
  2. They’re sustainable and
  3. We like things that last because we want to consume less…and sustainable means it has survived lots and lots of use for entire year by our rowdy, clumsy family. 

Clockwise from top right:
// Ellie FunDay makes the most adorable organic cotton products for babies and families. Sarah is absolutely fastidious about where she sources cotton (she’s visited the farms, folks) and who is making your sweet blankets (she travels to India and trains the women herself to provide life sustaining jobs). Also, her blankets are the sweetest, most softest snuggles and I feel great gifting them to friends because I know they’re heirloom quality.

// EPA Made cotton onesies and ornaments: Little G has their baby otter shirt and he loves it so much, he wore it to his school picture day because “It’s my bestest shirt.” It’s only gotten softer with time. EPA Made creates jobs for vulnerable mothers and children in East Palo Alto, California.
// APOPO HeroRats: Our Christmas list rule is “Something you Want, Something you Need, Something to Wear, and Something to Read…and Something to give to others.” Last year Big C chose to adopt an APOPO HeroRat to give to others. His donation helped feed and train a rat to detect landmines and save lives in countries like Thailand, Cambodia, and Tanzania. Throughout the year we got monthly updates on how his rat Zeus was doing, which is like having a pet but without having to clean up. 🐭

// Modern Hive: We’re just getting started, but our mission is to help our urban bee and people population. Therefore a portion of our proceeds every year will go to the UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab, helping our native pollinators make our world a more beautiful place.

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