12 Days to a Sweeter Christmas

Christmas and the holidays are here, and I often lose sight of the what the holidays are about: sharing love and generosity and the hope of what is to come. My schedule gets clogged up with "shoulds". I should go to this party, I should buy this present, I should take advantage of Cyber Monday deals and lose sleep, I should clean the house so people can come over....

I made this list for myself and I'm making it available to all my sweet friends. It's a wish list of experiences that I *want* to have baked into Christmas. These experiences don't require a lot of cash, because really, that's not what the holidays are about. 

If you're having trouble coming up with ideas I put some prompts like "I would like to make...", "I would like to spend time with...", "I would like to read...", "I would like to ..."

Some of my wish list items:

// I would like to bake ninjabread men (these cookie cutters are so hilarious).

// I would like to go ice skating.

// I would like to finish reading the third book in the Jackaby series.

// I would like to play video games with my kids.

// I would like to watch a Christmas movie with my family in my pajamas with popcorn and cocoa.

// I would like to walk a neighborhood and look at Christmas lights.

// I would like to send a secret Santa note to a friend.

Here's to a wealth of experiences and memories! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our home to yours!






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