our studio

When we bought our midcentury modern Eichler home in 2005, it quickly became a playground for our family, design, and culinary adventures. 

As our family grew, we began urban farming because 1) we're always hungry for delicious, affordable food and 2) if the kids aren't outside then our house is a wreck by the end of the day. Along the way, we added a flock of chickens, two beehives, two fish, and a rescued Labrador puppy to our urban farm.

While searching for tools for our mini-zoo, I had a hard time finding well-designed tools that fit our aesthetic. Chicken coops didn't match the modern lines of our midcentury home. So one year we designed and built a chicken coop. I wanted to keep our urban beehives from swarming into our neighbors' yards. So I designed a modern, sustainable swarm box.

Modern Hive Studio was created so I could share our gear with other urbanites who enjoy well-designed, sustainable solutions for their modern lifestyle. Modern Hive's name is inspired by the elegant design of beehives: honeycomb provides a sturdy shelter, a source of food, and a life-giving home for bees. I feel our homes should do the same for us, no matter how big or small. 

To learn more about our beekeeping & design adventures, visit our blog. And to find tools for your own family / design / culinary adventures, equip yourself at our Modern Hive Shop.

Thank you for coming to visit!  Bee A Keeper!