Welcome to Modern Hive.  

Modern Hive Design Studio is where I create products for the modern homestead. My designs have the clean, modern lines of our house and the organic textures of our urban farm. 

Modern Hive's name is inspired by the elegant design of beehives. Honeycomb provides a sturdy shelter, a source of food, and a life-giving home for bees. I feel our homes should do the same for us.

You can find the latest Modern Hive designs and inspiration in my blog.  Be sure to visit the Modern Hive Etsy shop, opening later this year, to find the newest Modern Hive products.  





About Me

Hello, I'm Aislin Gibson, and I'm fascinated by science and nature (thanks to my high school science teacher, Ms. Lorna Houck), believe products should be sturdy and fun and smart (that would be my children's museum exhibit design background), sensitive to the environment, and believe life should be as delicious as possible (La Farine French Bakery, best college job ever).  

I love design because I like to solve problems (UC Berkeley Psychology major + a corporate tech career) in a tangible way and I am passionate about learning and researching.  

Design also gives me an excuse to work with lasers and power tools.

Thanks for coming to visit and welcome!







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Photo Credits: Aislin Gibson, Nate Lewis @honeysucklecateringHoi Ning Wong (outdoor sink), and Ryo Sode (Chicken Coop photos).