Midcentury Birch Wood Swarm Box / Bait Hive for Beekeepers + Beginning / Urban Beekeepers, Marble White

Midcentury Birch Wood Swarm Box / Bait Hive for Beekeepers + Beginning / Urban Beekeepers, Marble White


Would you like to help our declining honeybee population and our environment by becoming an urban beekeeper? Bees provide 80% of the world's pollination, and thus are crucial for worldwide food production.

The Modern Hive swarm box will help you to catch honeybees in the spring by providing the ideal temporary home for a homeless swarm of bees.

What makes this box unique is it's reusable, locally made by hand, and the more bees use it, the more their scent entices future swarms of bees to settle inside. Its elegant lines make it beautiful to keep in your yard. A portion of our proceeds every year will go to the UC Berkeley Urban Bee lab to promote our mission of helping our urban bee and people population.

A swarm box is an invaluable tool for an urban beekeeper who wants to start keeping bees by catching a local, swarm of honeybees acclimated to your environment. I’m taking pre-orders for this box as they are made-to-order and hand built and take about 3-4 weeks to make.

Frames are not included. You can purchase lemongrass extract and brood comb separately to entice bees to your swarm box in the Spring. Learn more about the importance of having local bees by reading this article on catching bees.


// Lightweight Baltic Birch, exterior grade. Dimensions are 20" D x 10" W x 11.5" H.

// Laser cut 2” entrance and 40L capacity are the ideal dimensions, according to Dr. Thomas Seeley’s research on bait hives at Cornell University.

// Screws require no special tools such as power drills. They can be tightened by hand or by using a common hex wrench.

// Cleats hold any type of frame to help bees create comb before they are installed in a permanent hive. You can use Langstroth deep, medium, or super, or Top Bar hive frames.

// Polyacrylic and water-resistant sealant on the outside means your box lasts season after season.

// Non-treated interior is a clean habitat for healthy honeybees.

// The more bees use this box, the more attractive it becomes to future swarms.

// Galvanized steel, zinc coated 1/2" square mesh allows bees in, but keeps birds and rodents out.

// Ventilation holes on the back allow for fresh air.

// Bait hives / nucleus boxes are the essential tool for all beginning beekeepers. You'll be using it every season either to catch a swarm or to manage your apiaries.

// Includes a Modern Hive leather tag for a keyring or for decor.

// Each box is lovingly crafted and unique.

// Hand made and designed in the USA by urban beekeepers and artisans.

Other uses:

+ To help keep an existing hive in your garden or farm during swarm season.

+ To transport a new colony, or to develop an early / late split.

+ Show your neighbors you’re a responsible urban beekeeper.

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